Welcome to ICON 2023: Market America International Convention

Morning of Day 1

This year’s International Convention — ICON 2023 — honors the memory of our Founder JR Ridinger. For the first time in 31 years, JR won’t be taking the stage, but we know he’ll be here in spirit. We’ve taken every measure to maintain JR’s vision for International Convention, upping the energy, the emerging products and the trainings because his mentality demanded growth. ICON 2023 reflects this narrative of JR, and the greatness he saw in all of you.

It’s only fitting then that ICON began with a tribute to JR. A compilation of his top moments and greatest lessons moved the audience as we remembered the man who brought us all here today. (Be sure to check out the JR Museum at the corporate office tour by reserving your spot on Sunday!)

Vice President Andrew Weissman opened the event as only he can, breathing life into a letter from JR. He set the tone for a morning of memories, with photos, videos and quotes of our hero and leader showing throughout the rest of the day. “Remember, we’re not alone. We will carry JR’s legacy and vision with us wherever the bright future takes us,” Andrew said.

With his usual larger-than-life presence, President & COO of Market America Marc Ashley commanded the stage, announcing two incredible new offerings for UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs): VIFT and the Limited Time Jump Start Promotion. VIFT, the digital wallet that pays cash daily, allows both UFOs and Preferred Customers (PCs) to access their cash across UnFranchise.com and SHOP.COM, to spend on their purchases for 1% back in cash or to redeem to their bank account. For new UFOs, the Limited Time Jump Start Promotion allows users to get paid sooner, an incredible added incentive for entrepreneurs entering the program!

Marc Ashley money ICON

Director Dritan Hodo and the #Flushadelphia team roused the crowd next. “You have no idea how humble I feel because of the love you give me because of those two magic words: Market America,” Dritan said. He encouraged us to put in the work, while his team leaders who followed him on stage relayed the significance of prospecting, recruiting and follow-up. Nose to the grindstone — that’s the Flushadelphia way!

Last before the break Director Candice Yang announced tickets for Market America 2024 Leadership Academy. Growing a team and bringing new prospects, one ticket at a time, Candice approaches event ticket sales as building blocks to the UnFranchise Business. Get your tickets now here, and we’ll see you after the break.

Rea Grim

Rea Grim

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