Welcome to the 2022 Market America International Convention and 30th Anniversary Celebration of Market America!!

We’ve come a long way over the past 30 years, and we wouldn’t be here without the passion, belief, and commitment of our global UnFranchise family. Together we’ve shared entrepreneurial opportunity and economic prosperity to new people around the world – and MAIC2022 represents the magical culmination of 30 years of global entrepreneurship and economic opportunity.

Thank you for making the time and financial commitment to be here with us this week for the most monumental event in the history of our company. By making the decision to be here – you’re investing in yourself and your future – and we can’t imagine a smarter investment!

Over the past 30 years Market America has grown and evolved on a massive scale, but the core elements of the business and fundamentals of our success have always remained the same because no matter what – we always put UnFranchise Owners first! That’s the true essence of People Power!

By being here with us this week, you’re in a tremendous position to excel and thrive – but it all comes down to applying what you learn here within your life and business. The energy and attention you pour into this event has a direct impact on your growth and success in the weeks, months, and years which follow. Being here is the first step, but only you can walk the path!

Your belief and commitment to sharing this unparalleled entrepreneurial opportunity with the world is what makes this business so special. Together we are forging a new economy which empowers consumers and entrepreneurs – and over the course of the next few days you’re going to receive the entrepreneurial education of a lifetime!

While this event is filled with information and inspiration – it’s also a celebration of your remarkable achievements over the past 30 years. Our entrepreneurial journey together has changed countless lives around the world – and the best part is, we’re just getting started!!! The next 30 years are going to be simply incredible, and we’re so happy you’re here with us to write our global success story.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here at MAIC2022 to learn, grow, and celebrate success. Together we are trailblazers – lighting the path of opportunity and prosperity for all!

We Love You and Believe in You!

-JR and Loren Ridinger

JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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