Welcome To WebCenters Webinar With Jason Pelland

Coming off the successful Free Signup Event Special, it’s time for an introduction to the WebCenter family!

Join Field Development Executive for MA WebCenters Jason Pelland in a “Welcome to WebCenters” webinar on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 9:00PM EDT. 

This webinar is the perfect introduction to WebCenters especially if you are new to the program. Jason will go over how to activate, login, and set-up your WebCenters. UFOs will also learn how to leverage the tools, resources, and training provided by the teams of professionals at MA WebCenters.

Jason wrote a blog post to explain what to expect at the webinar. You can read the full post here. Below is an excerpt from the post.

Jason Pelland – “We’re glad to see so many UnFranchise Owners took advantage of our FREE WebCenter Event Special from World Conference! There are many exciting tools and resources making it simpler than ever to take advantage of all WebCenters has to offer. With a market filled with big brands that have more human resources, more technological resources, and more financial resources, having a strong online presence and a marketing strategy has never been more important for a local, small business.”


For more information on the webinar, check out the details below.

Welcome to WebCenters

Who: Jason Pelland

When: 3/14/2018

Time: 9:00 PM EST

For our brand new WebCenter Owners, we’ll give you a brief tour of your resources, such as the WebCenter Dashboard, Sales Calendar/Appointment Wizard, mawc411.com, etc. We’ll also give you some next steps and ways to get trained, educated, and started with your WebCenter. We look forward to working together!




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