What Customers are Saying about SHOP.COM

SHOP.COM is a new kind of shopping comparison site that offers the most comprehensive shopping experience on the web. Our shopping experts have drawn on their industry experience and insider connections to bring you the best collection of the stores you can’t live without, and the brands and products you love – all in one place.

Customers are flocking to the site to earn Cashback rewards for their everyday spending habits. If ‘save money’ is on your 2019 resolutions list, you’ve come to the right place!

Hear what customers are saying about their online Cashback incentive shopping experience. The below reviews speak for themselves.

What Customers are Saying about SHOP.COM

I love that it’s a win-win. You get paid to shop, the stores offer coupons and free shipping, unlimited Cashback that I can use to buy tons of items.  –Cynthia G

Awesome way to shop for what you already buy. Why not always put some money back in your pocket when you purchase something. – Katy B

I’m so happy with my purchases! I’m hoarding over $100 in recently-earned cashback & earning more every day. I keep two properties stocked with essentials & hardly ever have to go to the store, which is awesome because I detest waiting in line, rude cashiers & struggling to find what I need. I am, right this minute, about to save over $30 on a WiFi thermostat for my vacation property at a distance & the deals just keep coming. I love getting paid to shop! – Margie L

It just makes sense! Earning cash for making purchases from stores that I already shop at and even getting exclusive online deals!! Shopping anywhere else is just wrong!! – Carl C

Love the variety and diversity of the stores. Everything I need in one place, plus cash back and helping non-profits! – Melissa Y

If you’re looking to save money 💰 it just makes sense! I search for products specifically or for stores I already shop at and can get cash back and with the ShopBuddy you can get all the coupons the stores provide. And now with Shop Local I can even get paid cash back in my local area restaurants. As I said before, it just makes sense. Create an account for free and see if the stores and products you are already buying and going to are on their chances are that they are! – Zach E

Love SHOP.COM. it makes our life easier and more convenient!! Plus the cashback is icing on the cake!! – Megan C

Very convenient shopping, reasonable prices, and the Cashback is simply amazing!!  – Alan W

No brainer – great stores, prices, cash back and more. – Ted O

This site has saved me and my family money with products I am already buying, the fact I can get money back, and I can also use any coupon codes for places I already shop at had made shopping a simpler task in my life. This company has so many great signature products that had me coming back time after time. – Cindy L

Save money, make money! It’s a NO brainer. I love to shop on SHOP. – Shanice W

The best place to shop, the best company to be partnered with! Facts don’t lie and they just keep getting better and better. – Michelle H

Best website for converting everyday spending into earning… I love going to all the websites I shop at anyway and getting cash back! So many ways to make back some of your hard earned money; plus the exclusive products are great too! – Millen R



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Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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