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What is a WebCenter and Why maWebCenters?

What is a WebCenter?

A WebCenter is a reselling account that provides you with the ability to sell WebSolutions (Digital Marketing Products & Services) to small to medium-sized businesses. Simply set up an appointment between a potential customer and the maWebCenters® Team. The Team works on closing the sale for you. They also handle the website designs, customer support and product development, allowing you to focus on earning profits and residuals. As a WebCenter Owner, you’ll have access to everything needed in order to succeed, such as helpful tools, training, marketing and support.


Team of Professionals

The maWebCenters Team works tirelessly to support you, your customers and prospects!

  • Customer Care
  • Design & Digital Marketing
  • Technical Support
  • Multilingual Assistance (English, Spanish & Chinese)


Why maWebCenters?

maWebCenters® provides the technology and support necessary to establish a successful Internet presence. It is the Ultimate Online Solution for any small to medium-sized business. We provide an all-inclusive digital marketing solution to help businesses increase revenue, decrease expenses, streamline business practices, and improve client engagement and communication.  We offer the power of unlimited.  With Responsive Websites being at the center point of a strong digital marketing presence, we back that with a proprietary content management system and website editing tools, giving business owners control, while also offering flexibility if they want our teams of professionals to handle the ongoing management.  It’s your online storefront. Look better and more functional than ever. Get noticed and measure your success. Our other digital marketing tools, such as email marketing, SEO, and social media allow businesses to drive traffic to their site and establish a lucrative revenue channel with their online presence.

We’re proud to also offer Unlimited Support & Upgrades. First-class customer service shouldn’t come at a price. 24/7, unlimited technical support and customer care provides peace of mind…at no additional cost for our standard package.


What are the services maWebCenters offers?


Website Design & Management

Professional designers at maWebCenters can create a website that is visually appealing, easy to use across desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, and will enhance a business’ brand dramatically.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Google Adwords

SEO ensures that the customer’s business ranks high on search engines like Google. maWebCenters can guide the customer through the Google AdWords process and cover subjects like account creation, campaigns, geographical targeting, etc.


Social Media & Online Reputation Management

Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are often utilized by consumers before making buying decisions. maWebCenters can manage the business’ Social Media accounts, advertise on the network platforms, manage online reputations, etc.


Content Marketing

Having fresh, relevant content is essential to a business’ digital marketing efforts. maWebCenters can work with the customer to develop and maintain the business’ online content, especially for those that may not have the time or resources to manage it alone.


Text Message Marketing

With Morse Connect, powered by maWebCenters, a business can have their 800 number or landline text-enabled to communicate with consumers and launch marketing efforts via texts. Conversations are easy to manage with the ability to set up automated reply messages or personally reply to consumers one-to-one in real time.


Getting Started

Setting up your WebCenter and launching your business is easy! Visit to leverage videos, downloads, and the WebCenter Academy, which consists of training and marketing materials. Attend a live WebCenter Training Course conducted by a Certified WebCenter Trainer. Check or GMTSS for more details.


Click here for 2 documents to use when qualifying WebCenter prospects or introducing maWebCenters to potential clients.

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ma WebCenters

ma WebCenters

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