What Winning Second Torch Award Means To UnFranchise Owners

After receiving this prestigious award, Market America | SHOP.COM is in rare air.

Market America | SHOP.COM is proud to share that it has won the 2018 Torch Award for Ethics from the Better Business Bureau Serving Central North Carolina. The Torch Award is given to businesses that display support for industry best practices and a solid commitment to day-to-day ethical business practices. Market America | SHOP.COM, which also enjoys an A+ rating by the BBB, will be formally honored at the 2018 Torch Awards and Annual Meeting in October.

The company has aways had a great relationship with the BBB. At MAIC2017, Market America had the honor of welcoming the President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau, Kevin Hinterberger, to the event. Mr. Hinterberger explained what the Better Business Bureau is and about how Market America always “does the right thing when no one is looking and continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

It’s hard to put into words just how special this award truly is. Thankfully, JR Ridinger tried to do it for us!

Winning the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau is an extreme honor and privilege for our company — but winning it TWICE is even better!” said Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger, referring to the first award for Market America | SHOP.COM in 2013. “This is such an honor for us and just goes to show that when you do things the right way, people take notice.”

As UnFranchise Owners, be proud of this accomplishment! This is not a corporate team accolade. This belongs to everyone involved in this company. Be loud and be proud! Share this news on social media and with your team. This is the type of publicity that can start a conversation with friends, which can lead to an introduction to the business!

In fact, UFOs are sharing the news of the Torch Award all over social media. Let’s check out some posts below.

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