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What You May Have Missed in August 2019

With the 2019 Market America International Convention earlier this month, it’s been such an exciting month for the UnFranchise Business! So exciting and busy in fact, that you may have missed a few key blog posts from the corporate blogs over the past month. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list to help you stay up to date and stay informed on crucial items. Continue reading to see the most vital blogs you need to catch up on and share with your team.

Top 5 Business Building Posts from Corporate Blogs:

  1. MAIC2019: Five Weekly Habits, Qualifying People & The Evaluation Approach -During one of his MAIC presentations, JR Ridinger shared a list of 5 Weekly Habits you must have in order to be a successful UFO. JR found these so crucial to business building that he also included them in a blog post in full detail for UnFranchise Owners to review over and over.
  2. MAIC 2019 Complete Recap – This complete recap is your one-stop-shop for all things related to the 2019 Market America International Convention. From new product announcements, presentation recaps, resources, video playlists, and more this complete recap will help you review the biggest moments and information from MAIC.
  3. Impactful Video Clips from MAIC2019 – Our incredible multimedia team has put together a full selection of short highlights and clips from MAIC 2019. These impactful clips are shorter than the main stage presentations and focus more on the individual points that we’re trying to drive home and emphasize.
  4. INSIDERS GUIDE TO CREATING MORE BV AND IBV IN YOUR HOME – It’s every UnFranchise Owner’s goal to create more BV and IBV in their home right? So, how does one start to “make their home a shopping annuity home”? We have 10 tips to help you create more BV and 10 more tips to help you generate more IBV within your home. Take a look and let us know which of these you’re already doing.
  5. SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION: GOING FOR CHALLENGES AT EVENTS: Leading up to each major event, we host challenges within majors to encourage success and give UnFranchise Owners specific goals to aim for. In this guest blog from Director of Business Integration, Sarah Rose Stack, she shares why challenges are so critical to business building and tips for achieving them.

Top 5 Blogs to Share with Your Customers:

  1. REGISTER FOR THE TLS® FIND YOUR FIT CHALLENGE TODAY! – During MAIC 2019, a new TLS contest was announced! Open to both UnFranchise Owners and customers, it’s time to compete for a piece of $25,000 in cash prizes! There will be 3 male and 3 female winners chosen so register to get started today!
  2. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: VITASHIELD VITAMIN C & E INTENSIVE MOISTURIZER – Loren Ridinger is very selective when it comes to talking about products on her blog. She shares only her favorites, including this month’s product spotlight Vitashield Vitamin C & E Intensive Moisturizer! Find out why this best-seller is one that customers can’t stop raving about. 
  3. Motives® Blush Bundles Now Available​! Call up your customers and let them know that you have a Motives deal for them! Six beautiful blush bundles were just introduced to provide you and your customers options at a discounted price. Build up your blush arsenal with these six beautiful bundles offered at a special discount. Each bundle includes four, unique combinations of colors that were carefully chosen to give you a variety of looks for any occasion.
  4. How To Make Your Foundation Last All Day – Get helpful tips to help your foundation last all day so your makeup looks just as flawless when you get home in the evening as it did that morning. Plus, this post has many links for other helpful makeup blogs that your customers will love.
  5. Thymenol FAQ: We’ve Got Your Answers! How does it work? What are the benefits? Why does it look so unique? There are so many questions surrounding the hottest new health & nutrition product, Thymenol. Help educate your customers and even yourself with these FAQs.

Need to Know: News, Updates, & Announcements

  1. New Shopping Annuity Overview Video – Our multimedia team released a brand new Shopping Annuity Overview video is a tremendous tool for UFOs because it breaks down the Shopping Annuity in just 20 minutes – explaining the benefits and how it all works! This will be a great resource and tool for you to share with prospects and new partners!
  2. Take Action to Continue Form 1000 Auto-Submission: Hurry! All UnFranchise Owners need to take action on this very important matter. The Form 1000 page in your UnFranchise Business Account, as well as the terms and conditions, were recently updated. Beginning Nov. 4, 2019, auto-submission will be turned off for anyone that has not accepted these updated terms and conditions.
  3. In the News: Media Coverage of MAIC2019: There was so much news and media coverage throughout MAIC 2019, it’s crucial to leverage it all within your business. JR Ridinger shares the link containing all of the media coverage as well as excellent video clips from the event which you can also share to help spark a conversation about your UnFranchise Business.

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