What You May Have Missed: January 12, 2014

This past week was a great way to start off 2014! There’s nothing we love more than jumping into a new year with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of purpose. A lot has happened around here in the past 7 days, so take a look at our top picks of “what you may have missed!”

On this blog

A Day in the Life: Sarah Rose & Ryan Stack 

Our first post in our brand new “A Day in the Life” series!

5 Great Business Goals for 2014 

Don’t miss the helpful tips for setting goals for 2014 and building your business like never before!

Fashion and Beauty

Huge Makeup Giveaway with @Vegas_Nay & Motives on Instagram! 

Don’t miss your chance to enter this giveaway! You have until January 31st to enter.

Getting Serious About Vacation: What to Pack

If you’re headed on a vacation sometime soon *cough cough* World Conference *cough cough* you will love the helpful tips in this post on My Fashion Cents!

Entrepreneurialism and Business:

The Power of the UnFranchise Business 

A fantastic post on CEO JR Ridinger’s blog! Check it out on beingjrridinger.com.

MAWC 2014: Just One Month Away! 

Take a moment to read this important message from JR about joining him (and all of us!) at World Conference in Miami.

Health and Nutrition

Delivery of Probiotics and Prebiotics in Infants 

Have you ever wondered if, how or why your baby can benefit from probiotics? Take a look at this article  featuring a recent scientific study on this topic.

Lifenol®: A Natural Ingredient Against Hot Flashes 

If you’ve never heard of Lifenol®, this article published on our Explore Supplements blog is for you!

Giving Back with ma® Cares

Enter the ma® Cares Cutest Kid Contest! 

Your child could be named “Cutest Kid” or “Funniest Kid” in the all new ma Cares Cutest Kid Contest! To enter, simply follow the instructions in the post.

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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