What You May Have Missed: March 13th, 2016

If you’ve noticed the need for an extra cup of coffee today, don’t worry you’re not alone. Daylight Savings has hit us all and can’t say we were exactly ready to loose an hour. But hopefully, by now you’ve adjusted and can catch up on all the great stuff happening on our corporate channels! Read on to find out about all the important events and news you may have missed.

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Top posts of the week on the Market America blog

Beauty in All Ages BV Contest – Get the details on the new Beauty in All Ages BV Contest taking place February 15, 2016 to June 17, 2016.

Eat Well, Live Well: National Nutrition Month. Get some helpful tips to help you develop sound eating and physical activity habits just in time for spring!

Top posts of the week on CEO JR Ridinger’s blog

Building Your #ShoppingAnnuity with Accountability Groups Learn from Mr. Shopping Annuity himself as Carl Eklund will host another great business building presentation on MeetON.com.

Using Tax Season to Fuel Your Shopping Annuity When you purchase your Tax Products from great partner stores on SHOP.COM you’ll have the opportunity to fuel your Shopping Annuity with Cashback and IBV.

Top posts of the week on Senior VP Loren Ridinger’s blog

La La Anthony Talks Success, Motives, and Oprah Her recent interview with Latina gives us some insight as to her definition of success, who inspires her, and which of her favorite Motives products she just can’t do without.

6 Basics of Running a Business from Home.  No matter what type of business you’re starting, running it from your own home takes a few simple guidelines and a bit of discipline to keep it going strong and to keep work and home life separate.

SHOP.COM Updates

Social Media Monday: SHOP.COM Ranks #39 in the 2016 Internet Retailer Social 500. By leveraging our collective buying power we’re able to do some amazing things, but we’re also capable of making some big noise when we raise our collective voice on Social Media.

Did You Know: All About the SHOP.COM Shopping Advisor. You can now build your Shopping Annuity with this simple, interactive tool that will help you save time and money while finding eco-friendly products that will enhance your daily life!

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Zizi Barhouma

Zizi Barhouma


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