What You May Have Missed: March 3, 2019

We can’t believe that MAWC2019 has already passed and that March is here! We’re ready for springtime temperatures and longer, sunnier days. While you’ve been starting to spring clean and plan spring break trips, we’ve been busy blogging. Read along to see what you may have missed last week.

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Post MAWC 2019: How to Continue the Momentum – You spent an incredible three days in Miami soaking up the sun as well as presentations, team meetings, breakout sessions and more. By Sunday, you were filled with key business building tips, excitement for new products and IBV enhancements, and motivated to kick your business into gear. GREAT! Now what? The next few months are crucial, what you do (or don’t do) matters tremendously when it comes to the growth of your business and being recognized onstage for hitting new UnFranchise Levels. Don’t hit a wall, continue reading for ways to continue the momentum from MAWC 2019.

Signs That Your Skincare Routine Needs A Boost – Your skin goes through changes all the time, no matter your age. Because of this, it’s important to reassess your skincare routine every once in a while. Change is important. A little mix-up could benefit your skin in ways which you won’t believe! A complete overhaul is usually unnecessary, but replacing a couple products seasonally is a great rule of thumb. Read along to see how to know if your skincare routine needs an update.

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Understanding UnFranchise Improvements: Great Assets to Share with Your Team – I’d like to share some incredible content & assets including short video clips created by our award-winning multimedia team which can help us maintain momentum from World Conference. These clips also help drive home the biggest points and most important concepts we presented at MAWC2019 to help inspire you to think and act differently so you can become a GoNow!

Master Business Building Workshops In March – The Master Business Building Workshop series is a new interactive training that can have a monumental impact on the success and growth of your UnFranchise Business. UFOs learn by participating in over 20 activities throughout the day and leave with real experience, appointments booked and all areas of the Basic Five in Motion. We’ve got some excellent workshops in March which provide everyone with some excellent opportunities to learn from the best in the business.

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Reduce Stress With One Thought – Being in a healthy relationship can bring you so much joy and happiness. I know firsthand! Being with the one you love can help you overcome moments of difficulty, illness, and stress. Recent studies have found that those in romantic relationships have to do one thing in order to release stress.

Hidden SHOP.COM Gems For Under $25 –SHOP.COM is your one-stop for everything you need. From groceries to gifts. I love to shop for hidden gems. It’s crazy the sort of unique knick-knacks you can find on SHOP.COM. I find helpful inexpensive goodies on the website all the time. Below are a few of my favorite buys you aren’t going to want to miss. These hidden SHOP.COM gems get you cash back, baby! Read on for more.

SHOP.COM Updates

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update – See what is new this week at SHOP.COM from new partner stores, Cashback increases, hot deals and more! Read on for a complete list of updates.

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