What You May Have Missed: March 31, 2019

We can’t believe it’s already Spring! We’re finally enjoying springtime temperatures and longer, sunnier days. While you’ve been spring cleaning and going on spring break trips, we’ve been busy blogging. Read along to see what you may have missed last week.

Top posts of the week on the UnFranchise blog

Get Creative With Motives Custom Blend – Learn from one of my top Motives custom blend mixologists, Ka Xiong, about how she got started with blending and how it has grown her business. Take a deep dive into all of the benefits of becoming a custom blend mixologist.

Lumière de Vie Product of the Week Campaign – We started this fantastic showcase series on Monday, March 11 and are not stopping until every single product has been announced! So, we are asking all our followers and fans to share their content with the highlighted product each week. Make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #LumiereDeVie !

Top posts of the week on CEO JR Ridinger’s blog

Debt Shredder: A Simple Plan For Debt Reduction – Debt Shredder is another one of our financial products which can have a tremendous impact on your life. This is something everyone should use because it helps you not just manage your debt – but eliminate it, completely! You never want it to control your life again. That’s why Debt Shredder is the way to go!  

Gift Giving: Wedding and Shower Season – Team I’d like to share with you an excellent write-up from Sarah Rose Stack which highlights some of the different way you can utilize wedding season to fuel your shopping annuity and grow your business. Event-based spending like this is a huge part of the Shopping Annuity and gives you even more opportunities to convert spending into earning. Have a look below at the different resources and promotions which make it easy to capitalize on wedding and shower season…. 

Top posts of the week on Senior VP Loren Ridinger’s blogR

3 Reasons Why Your Website Conversion Rates Are Low – If you have a fair amount of daily traffic to your website, but your visitors aren’t sticking around or buying, you need to understand why. Read on to discover three common reasons why website conversion rates may be low.

6 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Success – Success is rented, never owned; and the rent is due every day! To achieve and maintain prosperity, avoid the most common daily pitfalls below which can sabotage your success.

SHOP.COM Updates

It’s Wedding Season! Say “I do” with SHOP.COM – Getting married? We’ve got you covered. From breathtaking dresses for saying “I do” to the tiniest decor details, SHOP.COM has everything you need to make your special day truly unforgettable. Shop with us this wedding season!

SHOP.COM Saturday: Partner Stores Update – See what is new this week at SHOP.COM from new partner stores, Cashback increases, hot deals and more! Read on for a complete list of updates:

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