What’s Your ‘Why’?

What’s your “why” — your reason for doing what you do? Have you really dug down deep to internalize and solidify your “why”? Throughout history, people have either made excuses not to succeed or found their “why” and used it as their driving force to succeed! Some find obstacles at every turn and allow them to stop their progress, while others understand that these challenges are simply tests.

Is your “why” big enough to push you toward overcoming obstacles along your path? How badly do you want to accomplish your goals? We know there will be bumps along the way –– that’s life. So many people tend to believe they are the only ones facing challenges, but the truth is that we all do. What’s critical is that you choose not to give up and walk away from your purpose for being here in the first place –– your “why.” Don’t allow your environment to be stronger than your willpower. Surround yourself with big thinkers who take massive action. They will inspire you and motivate you to push through difficult times. Remember, some people need you to encourage and guide them to greater happiness, now more than ever before. Incorporate that into your “why” if that moves you.

Keeping your “why” at the center of your drive will help steer you toward success. But another significant factor for achieving success in this business is how others view you. People interact with you based on their perception of you. Take time to evaluate how others perceive and respond to you –– it is a valuable exercise.

Start by making sure you are fully transparent and vulnerable with the truth. Do your actions cause others to view you as caring? Are you demonstrating a heart for helping others? Are you super-optimistic, carrying around a larger-than-life smile on your face? Are you leading by example with goal setting and completing the steps to achieve those goals? Are you a leader who shows others that you believe in them more than they believe in themselves? These are all traits that people are naturally attracted to if you genuinely reflect these in your character. Let your “why” lead the way for you, and you will see others become more drawn to you.

I’ve observed over the years that most successful people are voracious learners. They are continually growing themselves and looking inward to see how they can be better at reaching the goals fueled by their “why.”

It’s time to reset the clock and make this your magic moment. We cannot wait to give you a hug as we create an environment where the best of humanity comes together and lifts each other up to change the world!

By Cullen Haskins, Director of the GMTSS, Americas

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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