Five Steps To Stop The Spread Of Disease According To WHO

When it comes to dealing with a global health situation, the best thing we can do is to listen to the experts. They know what’s best for us. Scientists, medical professionals, and global health organizations who study diseases and pandemics have carefully constructed ways to combat potential threats to our well-being.

One of the organizations on the front lines of this battle is the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO recently created the campaign, “Pass the message to kick out coronavirus.” This campaign includes steps that everyday people can take to stop the spread of disease. As UnFranchise® Business Owners, it’s our duty to listen to this campaign, implement it into our daily lives, and spread its message to our teams.

Five Steps To Stop The Spread Of Disease According To WHO

Hands – Stopping the spread of disease starts with the hands. Washing your hands kills viruses that were on your skin. It may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised with how many people either improperly wash their hands or skip washing altogether. Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, which is the equivalent of humming the “Happy Birthday” song twice. The Shopping Annuity® Brand Organic Foaming Hand Soap and the Shopping Annuity® Brand Hand Sanitizer are both viable options for handwashing.

Elbows – Because hands can carry viruses, it’s not a good idea to cough or sneeze directly into them. This is where your elbow comes in. If you can’t cough into a tissue, use a bent elbow instead of your hands because it prevents less droplets from spreading. Remember to wash your elbows after you cough or sneeze into them.

Face – This is not the time to touch your face. Since dirty hands can spread the virus, the last thing you want to do is rub your eyes, nose, mouth, and head. The virus can spread inside your body if it gets onto your face. Simply put, keep your hands away from your face.

Social Distance – The most popular term of the global health crisis might also be the most important phrase year. The term we’re referring to is what’s known as “social distancing.” Social distancing involves keeping space between you and other people as well as limiting your interactions in big events. Right now, experts suggest keeping at least 6 feet between you and another person. This space will help to avoid breathing any droplets of infected persons who sneeze or cough. The best way to social distance is to stay inside. If you have to leave the house, do it wisely and take necessary precautions.

Know Your Symptoms – Now is not the time to be a hero. If you are sick, stay home. Do not go into work and risk infecting your coworkers. If you happen to get sick, self-quarantine in order to keep those around you safe. If your symptoms include a high fever and difficulty breathing, call your healthcare providers or local health authorities and they will explain what to do. Listen to the experts and follow their instructions.

How are you staying safe during this difficult time? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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