Why The Shopping Annuity Brand Will Explode In 2019

After MAWC2019, it’s clear that the Shopping Annuity Brand is going to explode in 2019. In less than a year, the brand has completely taken off. To think, it all started out with toothpaste. That was the first product on the line. Since then, the following products have been added to the Shopping Annuity Brand.

– Hand sanitizer, Hand soap, deodorant, disposable razors for both men and women, performance shaving system for men, refill razor cartridges, coffee, and shave cream. Plus, flushable wipes and baby wipes are on the way!

The Shopping Annuity Brand’s original purpose was to replace your household brands with the SA line in order to earn BV. However, UFOs will now have the option to earn IBV on the Shopping Annuity Brand. At MAWC2019, Marc Ashley announced that the IBV quarterly numbers for the SAMM program will be changing from $3000 to 300 IBV. Due to that change, UFOs will soon be able to receive IBV on the SA products (up to 57%) instead of BV. It will be your choice and it will start at the end of February in the United States and will continue to roll out in the following global markets once the Shopping Annuity Brands show up there.

Also, effective February 28th, you can place 100 IBV of the Shopping Annuity Brand products on UnFranchise AutoShip. 100 IBV for AutoShip Orders plus 50 BV for regular orders equals 150 IBV per month, which is 3x more per month! These changes will make UFOs focus on IBV instead of the monetary value, which is what the corporate team intended all along.

There is no stopping the Shopping Annuity Brand in 2019. It truly is the UnFranchise Owners’ Brand because it is driven by collective buying power. If enough people want it, then it can come into existence through a pre-order vote. Flex your collective buying power and use the Shopping Annuity Brand today!

To shop the Shopping Annuity Brand, click here. 




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