Words of Wisdom from Successful UnFranchise® Owners

Have you ever wanted to ask Charles and Peggy Baer what you should do what you just feel like giving up? Or talk to Abby Phillips about her favorite tools she uses for recruiting? Well, believe it or not I did, too, so I tracked down these busy UnFranchise® Owners last month at World Conference and asked them a few questions about all of the above (and more)! Read on for some great business tips from those who have made it to the top.


On perseverance:

“Never give up! It might take you longer than you expect to be successful, but the only way to lose in this business is to quit.” – Julie Scholl

“It’s so important to be consistent. You are going to have good days and bad days no matter what you do, but you can’t let the bad days stop you. Rather than laying low and not doing anything when you have a bad day, do twice as much!” – Charles and Peggy Baer

On recruiting:

“Always remember: you attract what you put out. A lot of people feel like they’re not finding the right person and that it’s someone else’s fault. You need to show up, each and every day, as the kind person you want to attract!” – Lisa Liberman-Wang and Yardley Wang

“The best tool you can use for recruiting is your passion. When others see that you are passionate about your business and how you help others become successful, they want to be a part of it. If you are passionate enough about what you do, others can’t help but take notice!” – Abby Phillips

On attending events:

“When I first started my business, the best piece of advice I ever received was from JR, and it was to get as many people as I could to the events. The hardest thing for us to do as leaders is instill belief in people. Why? Well, I’m going to be honest, but the people on your team know you, and to them, you’re no one special. But when you get them to an event and they see the corporate presentations and feel the energy in the room they begin to understand. Before they go to an event like International Convention, it’s just a dream that doesn’t seem real to them. But when they leave the event, they go home and they are ready to build.” – Rick Hannon

“If you truly want to be successful in this business, you have to attend World Conference and International Convention. In the first 5 months of starting our business we were not successful, but all that changed after we went to t International Convention for the very first time. After that event, we finally had the belief in ourselves, the company, and the opportunity in front of us. We were willing to do whatever it took to make the system work for us. You can bet that we never missed another event after that!” –Ernie and Jeannette Heikes

Thanks to all of the UnFranchise® Owners who took the time to sit down with me in Miami and share some of their best business-building tips! Now TELL US in the comments below some of your favorite tips and tricks; we might feature them on the blog later on!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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