World Cocktail Day

All around the world, people will showcase their top cocktails and celebrate World Cocktail Day – Friday 13th May. In honour of World Cocktail Day, we’re starting the celebration early by sharing our top cocktail recipes, and we encourage you to do the same.

Our “cocktails” are made to nourish, inspire and educate – yet delicious and filled with vitamins and minerals, with zero hangover.

Gone are the days of alcoholic cocktails, people care what goes into their bodies. And we are here to guide them as they discover their journey to health.

Let’s team up, empower others and share our love for healthy, nutritious cocktails – which will no doubt be crowd pleasers.

To do this we want you to capture your healthy cocktail lifestyle image. A lifestyle image is the name given in photography to any image featuring people or product in a life-related activity. You do not necessarily have to be in the image, just capture your healthy cocktail in the environment you would normally enjoy it. And then share it with us!

  1. Simply make your custom cocktail
  2. Take a photo and post it to your own personal social media
  3. Add #marketaustralia

Ensure your post is listed as public (not private) so that we can see it. Most importantly don’t forget to share your story by either adding a note about what goes into your custom cocktail, when or why you take it, etc. We will be sharing the most creative pics via our social media Pages in the lead up to World Cocktail Day and there is no limit on the amount of images you can post.

Together let’s spread the word about our incredible, Isotonix, Aloe, TLS brands!

Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia

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