Your guide to Market America Acronyms

UFO? Are you referring to the little alien from outer space? IRC? Internet Retail Company? MA? No we’re not referring to Massachusetts. There are so many Market America acronyms that we use in our business; some often, while others occasionally. It’s can be easy to get mixed up, so we have created a simple guide to better help you navigate:

UFO: UnFranchise Owner

SABP: Shopping Annuity Bonus Program

UBP: UnFranchise Business Presentation

MA: Market America

SA: Shopping Annuity

IBV: Internet Business Volume

BV: Business Volume

MPCP: Management Performance Compensation Plan

BDC: Business Development Center

EMP: Emerging Markets Program

NMTSS: National Meeting Training Seminar Sessions

UFMS: UnFranchise Management System

IRC: International Re-entry Center

HBP: Home Business Presentation

Don’t forget we’ve also updated a few terms as well:

PowerLine Magazine —-> UnFranchise Magazine

Distributor —–> UnFranchise Owner

Distributor Services —-> UnFranchise Services

Distributor Cost —-> UnFranchise Cost

Distributor ID —–> UnFranchise ID

E-News Alerts —-> UnFranchise News

Transfer Buying —-> UnFranchise AutoShip

Insured Transfer Buying Rider —-> Accrual Protection

New Distributor Training —-> New UnFranchise Owner Training

Sign Up Wizard —-> UnFranchise Registration

Getting Started Wizard —-> UnFranchise Setup

Pin Level —-> UnFranchise Level





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