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Your WebCenter provides you the ability to market and sell digital marketing products/services to small or medium-sized businesses. You do not need technical knowledge, but rather, learn how to leverage the resources and teams of professionals.

If you have an interested business that wants to learn more about how we can help them, you can schedule an appointment in the Sales Calendar within your WebCenter Admin. A Sales/Product Specialist will conduct a demo of services for your potential client. The in-house Design Team, Tech Teams, and Customer Care Team work on your behalf to take care of your client. Therefore, you do not need to “master” anything related to websites or digital marketing. However, training and development is a necessary component of success.

The WebCenter Division provides ample amounts of training tools and resources such as weekly recorded webinars, the Online Help Guide, the 12-Week Action Plan and more.

The resource site where you can locate our online trainings can be found at Visit the “LEARN” tab and click “WebCenter Academy” to watch the 5 C’s Simple Sales System recorded webinar and the 12-Week Action Plan recorded series with PDF guides ( Towards the bottom of the WebCenter Academy page, you will see webinar broadcast links where you can register for monthly webinars and invite your WebCenter Owner prospects. During Week 3, there is a Digital Marketing Overview webinar that is geared towards business owners and potential website or digital marketing product candidates. Again, invite your small to medium-sized business owners to attend one of these sessions to get the conversation started. You can read about these webinar sessions on the website or in the previous blog article (

WebCenter Trainings (WCT101 & WCT201) are conducted by our Certified WebCenter Trainers through the GMTSS, so be sure to check your GMTSS calendar as well. Don’t see a training in your area? Please contact your Local Seminar Coordinator to see if we can arrange a training.

As you are getting started, ensure that you have the tools for success by utilizing Support Materials in your UnFranchise back office. In Support Materials, search “WebCenter” for all the latest tools, resources, flyers and sales aids.

In addition, there are an incredible amount of training videos available on the maWebCenters YouTube channel ( For clients, we offer product-oriented information at and

Here’s how to get started with WebCenters:

  1. Watch the Welcome to WebCenters video and download the tools available —
  2. Watch the 5 C’s Simple Sales System video —
  3. Commit to following the 12-Week Action Plan by downloading the 12-Week Action Plan PDF and watching the training videos —
  4. Register for the 20/20 WebCenter Olympics contest, another great way to learn and succeed with WebCenters —

Join the WebCenter Owner Support Group on Facebook —

ma WebCenters

ma WebCenters

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