You’re Invited! Loren’s VIP Beauty Lounge With Special Guest THALIA

It’s a NEW year, which means a new YOU and a fresh opportunity to be and do all you ever imagined. Join us LIVE on January 11th at 7PM EST with Thalia and Loren Ridinger at the first VIP Beauty Lounge of the year! This is the zoom event you won’t want to miss. More details on how to RSVP below.

The Motives team wanted to create an opportunity for our community to come together and HAVE FUN,  So they are bringing you one of the most vibrant, vivacious, stunningly beautiful and immensely successful women of our time – THALIA.

With the release of her brand new palette, THALIA X Motives® BESOS  (exclusive to Motives!)  there is no better way to get a sneak peek at the collection of colors, while also having the opportunity to chat all things beauty and business with both she and Loren, during this virtual VIP Beauty Lounge Zoom event.

Mark your calendars, invite your friends & customers, grab your THALIA X Motives® BESOS Palette and don’t miss the opportunity to not only be present in the same space as these incredible women but also, to learn how to recreate one of THALIA’s most stunning looks with the guidance and expertise of celebrity Makeup Artist, Jackie Gomez.

Stay up to date to the Motives Instagram page as you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions for Thalia prior to the event. Your question may be selected and answered at the event!

Recommendations on how to market the event to your customers:

  1. Invite all of your customers who have purchased the THALIA X Motives® BESOS Palette as added value to their purchase.
  2. Invite your customers who have been interested in purchasing the THALIA X Motives® BESOS Palette so they can see this live demo of the palette in action.
  3. Share promotional graphics  provided by creative across social media and share it as a personal message to potential clients to spread the word and attract new leads.
  4. Snap a selfie of the look taught at the event and encourage your customers who attended to do the same.
  5. Post a recap of your favorite moments the following day on social media as well follow up with your invites list.

This year, you’re the VIP of your own life!  Don’t miss this opportunity to be in the right atmosphere, setting the tone for the rest of your year.

RSVP here:

Don’t forget to shop for your Thalia X Motives BESOS Palette to follow along the tutorial!

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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