Stay Connected With Zoom: How To Leverage Your Business Online

Global health concerns have dominated the world over the past few weeks. Due to social distancing, many franchise businesses were forced to cease operations. Thankfully, the UnFranchise® Business can be built online without putting yourself in an unhealthy situation. One tool that UnFranchise Owners should be using to grow their online business is Zoom.

Zoom is a powerful tool that improves digital communication within your UnFranchise Business. Zoom offers phone meetings and video conferencing so UFOs can develop their business and stay in touch with their customers and teammates during these difficult times. Market America has partnered with Zoom, which means UFOs can receive best-of-web-pricing. UFOs who sign up will have access to a plan that includes both the Zoom Webinar 500 and Zoom Enterprise Large 500 packages. For the official announcement about Zoom, click here.

Zoom Plan Benefits also include unlimited recording storage and live stream meetings to Facebook. Existing subscribers can easily take advantage of this discounted pricing and will be refunded the prorated amount for any unused service in their current contract.

Just activate your Zoom account and then you will be able to use your existing username and password to login. To find out more, visit the Zoom page on > My Account > My Services > Zoom Video Conferencing.

Zoom Video conferencing

Many of our GMTSS events will be broadcast over Zoom in the coming weeks. These are not “throwaway events.” Thanks to Zoom, the GMTSS can continue to thrive by hosting important business building events for UFOs.

Now, entrepreneurs won’t have to put their learning on the back burner. In fact, UFOs can find ways to leverage their business with Zoom. Here are the numerous ways to leverage our partnership with ZOOM:

  1. As a UFO (or customer), it’s simple and free to create a Zoom account and have access to a plethora of business overviews and educational sessions in the coming weeks. You can locate details for these opportunities in the following platforms:
    1. — be sure to visit daily for the latest updates on everything related to your business.
    2. Social media — be sure to follow all of our customized divisions, as well as Market America and the Shopping Annuity®.
    3. GMTSS – It’s business as usual! All Local Coordinators and areas are committed to keeping the existing schedule, support and structure with the simple change of venue to online instead of in person. You can search, locate and access details for each meeting through as you normally would. Please take special notice of the notes section for discounted pricing and the location to specify the web address for the LIVE ZOOM meeting. You can click on the link to register, and if there is an applicable charge, you will be provided direction for payment in the notes section. After payment is made, you’ll receive an access code from the trainer to access the live training. You can add to your virtual schedule by clicking on the link itself and even share with partners and prospects!
  2. As a UFOs who is also a GMTSS Coordinator or Certified Trainer looking to offer your classes virtually, you will need a Zoom account to host meetings/trainings.
    1. Be mindful to schedule your trainings as a webinar if you plan to use a PowerPoint presentation (you will still have the option to also show your camera to make it more personal)
    2. If you’d like to broadcast your session on a relevant Facebook group or page (that you are an admin for) then you should schedule the session as a meeting. You’ll be able to broadcast LIVE on Facebook by selecting the “more” option and sharing to the page or group of your choice.
    3. There are many BENEFITS of using this platform, but know the primary goal is to have access to all recorded sessions so that you can repurpose as a permanent YouTube video or virtual training tool for your team and the field.

Will you be using Zoom to grow your business? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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