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Why Every UnFranchise Owner Should Be Using Zoom

What more can be said about Zoom that hasn’t already been said? Despite being stuck inside, Zoom has allowed UnFranchise® Owners to continue building their businesses. Zoom is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who work from home!

With Zoom, UFOs can constantly stay in communication with their teammates and customers. Zoom offers phone and video chats, virtual meetings, and chat services. By leveraging these features, UnFranchise growth doesn’t have to skip a beat.

Market America has partnered with Zoom to offer an advantageous working live plan for UnFranchise Owners. Those UFOs who sign up will have access to a plan that includes both the Zoom Webinar 500 and Zoom Enterprise Large 500 packages. Zoom Plan Benefits also include unlimited recording storage and live stream meetings to Facebook. Existing subscribers can easily take advantage of this discounted pricing and will be refunded the prorated amount for any unused service in their current contract.

Just activate your Zoom account and then you will be able to use your existing username and password to login. To find out more on how to activate your Zoom, visit the Zoom page on > My Account > My Services > Zoom Video Conferencing. Click here to read the official Zoom statement from UnFranchise News.

Every Monday morning, there is a blog post that contains the Zoom schedule for the upcoming week. This post includes useful information like the time and date for each session as well as promotional images that can be shared with your teams. Check back every Monday morning on the homepage of this blog. For example, here is last week’s post.

Also, every Zoom session replay can be seen on Market America’s YouTube page. These sessions should be up on YouTube within 24 hours after the event.

Let us know in the comments what you love about Zoom!

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