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Entrepreneurial Inspiration: The DNA of an Business Owner

Are you familiar with the DNA strand? It’s the unique sequence of the letters A, T, C & G representing the hereditary characteristics that compose us as individuals. The DNA strand is our formula for being, the equation that sets us apart from other humans. The business owner is unique among the hundreds of careers and walks of life, set apart by its own characteristics and traits. So what is the DNA of an entrepreneur?

The beauty of being in control of one’s future often requires the most rigorous work in the present. Entrepreneurism requires an amount of perseverance in the midst of uncertainty, an often uneasy feat. To keep it simple, invest in these traits imperative to a business owner to maximize your identity as an entrepreneur.


A: Approachable.  An entrepreneur needs the help of those that have gone before and sit above him. In order to be able to receive new ideas and initiatives, an entrepreneur must be open-minded, which means approachable on all levels: as a person, a friend, an adviser, etc. If an entrepreneur puts up walls, opportunities to expand will likely sneak by.

T: Tenacious. “I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying.” –Michael Jordan. Get used to the word “no” and get used to saying “yes.” An entrepreneur will likely face many speed bumps and obstacles but the difference in the career employee and a career OWNER lies in the opportunity to stand up when it seems impossible.

C: Curious. Always be open minded to new information and ideas beyond your own. Watch those who have gone before you and take notes. Look at the world around you and generate ideas. Ask why and how. The average employee follows in suit because they’re told to. The entrepreneur asks “what if?” and tests the limits to find out.

G: Grateful. Gratitude is an action, not an attitude. We measure gratitude by what we give back and what sacrifices we make. The path to success is riveted with upsets and hiccups. Count your blessings at the end of each day and make note of what you did right so that you can do it again tomorrow. Rather than inventorying the bad, consider each bump a lesson and be thankful for the opportunity to learn.

Cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit means changing the way the mind works. Everyone has an entrepreneur inside them, but it won’t make its debut until you face your fears and the take action.

Does this recipe for perspective help you channel your successful energy? Tell us what other characteristics are important for perseverance.


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Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

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