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Market America Welcomes a New Addition to the Family: DNA Miracles!

Not a dry eye could be found in the Greensboro Coliseum as beaming couple Duane and Amber McLaughlin took the stage to celebrate their new life as parents. So dedicated to their new roles, they broke into one of the largest marketable industries and created Market America’s newest addition: DNA Miracles™. DNA Miracles is an all-natural, non-toxic health and wellness infant care line.

Marty Weissman joined the couple on stage along with specialized doctors and physicians: Dr. Deedra Mason, Dr. Michael McKenzie and Lee McKenzie, and Dr. Mark Lange to discuss the line and how each product stands out from the rest.

“You don’t have to be a kid, you can be a kid at heart!” –Marty Weissman

Gummy Vitamins:  Unlike other vitamins and gummy supplements for children, the Gummy Vitamins have 23 vitamins and minerals, 100% or more than the daily recommendation, and very little sugar. Many children’s vitamin supplements fail to work effectively because of the adverse effect of unnatural ingredients. However, DNA Miracles uses essential ingredients that provide infants and children with the optimal dosage of essential vitamins in a form that is both tasty and safe!

An extension of the DNA Miracles line – DNA Miracles Naturals – focuses on giving you the very best all-natural products for your infant or toddler…

Foaming Wash & Shampoo: Many children experience skin irritation as they grow, much of which may be linked the inadequate skin care as an infant. The Foaming Face Wash & Shampoo uses all natural, organic ingredients that are not only safe, but the best quality for promoting skin protection and structural support of the skin.

Diaper Cream: While most parents use a combination of products to attempt to prevent and control diaper rash and irritation, the DNA diaper cream works as an all-in-one product that soothes and prevents diaper irritation, protects delicate baby skin, and helps to seal out wetness. The Diaper Cream is also all natural and organic, made without petroleum jelly, unlike most irritation prevention products.

Hydrating Baby Lotion: The Hydrating Baby Lotion restores dry skin, reinforces natural skin defense for superior protection, and provides the skin with essential vitamins and minerals. Like the other DNA products, the lotion is all natural and organic, made with ingredients that ensure natural and lasting hydration and skin growth, rather than temporary relief.

Several parents joined the couple on stage with success stories of how DNA Miracles Naturals products have relieved some of the most persistent problems with their infants. These products will be available soon and the gummy vitamins are available NOW! If you are a parent or have friends that are parents, shop this new and innovative line now to give the children in your life the very best!

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Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer