Social Media Monday: Happy #SMday!

Happy Social Media Day, also known as #SMday! #SMday was started 5 years ago by Mashable to celebrate the many ways social media has affected our lives, both on and offline! Today we’re putting a bit of a “Market America spin” on things and talking about how social media has changed the way we build our UnFranchise Businesses. Want to see what some of your fellow UnFranchise Owners are saying about how social media has impacted their business? Read on! 

On incorporating social media into an existing, successful UnFranchise Business:

“Having built my UnFranchise Business before social media existed and then continued to build it after its arrival is fascinating. Social media has made talking about our business so much easier because you can get the word out to so many people so fast without pushing it on them. As an UnFranchise Owner, your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram truly become a billboard for the lifestyle that this business can give you – not to mention the fun you can have while building it! When I truly learned how to use social media the right way, everything changed; rather than me recruiting people, people began to recruit me in order to learn about the business. I love it!” – Jim Winkler, Market America UnFranchise Owner and Vice President of Sales

On embracing the shift towards social media:

“To increase your success rate in any business, especially your UnFranchise Business, it’s imperative to use social media. In today’s society, being social is the only way to be sustainable and have longevity. People often fear what they don’t know, but don’t be afraid of social media; embrace it and watch your business grow!” – Tanesha Westcarr, Market UK UnFranchise Owner

On the impact social media can have on your UnFranchise Business:

“Social media has had such a positive impact on my business; it has expanded it exponentially! Social media has enabled me to reach thousands of people near and far with just the click of a button. Through social media, hundreds of thousands of people can receive information about the UnFranchise Business all at once, formerly called “The Best Kept Secret.” I have partnered with individuals who I had never met because they had seen my Instagram and Facebook posts and wanted to learn how they can become an entrepreneur and own their own internet business.” – Dawn Florio, Market America UnFranchise Owner

On the appropriate way to use social media to build your business: 

“Social Media is a great tool to generate conversation with friends about your business. My goal with social media is to create curiosity and conversation. Then, I take the conversation offline and meet the person face to face (if they live in the area) and build or rebuild our relationship – especially if I’ve never met them or haven’t seen them in a while. Remember; people are buying into YOU and your belief in your business. Mix it up and have fun with your social media! Don’t always post Market America related content; instead, share pictures, quotes, and personal stories. If you simply post product after product on your social media pages, this will be unappealing and very sales-y to your friends. Instead, think about why YOU started your business and what got you excited about it. This business allows us to bring out our personality through social media outlets, so put your spin on it. For me, I don’t use social media (Facebook specifically) to recruit people directly; I use it as a tool to get the conversation going and build or rebuild relationship.” – Leanne Vaillancourt, Market America UnFranchise Owner

On using social media to reach people, prospects and PCs like never before:

“About a year and a half ago, I began to heavily promote my Market America business using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my blog. By leveraging the power of social media, I have been able to cast a much wider net to expose the Market America products and business opportunity to people far outside my ‘offline’ social circles. This has resulted in explosive growth in both retail sales and new business partners. If you are not using social media to promote your business, then you are missing out on countless opportunities to grow your team and build your success!” – Jonathan Glassman, Market America UnFranchise Owner

On the importance of tailoring your message to each network and maintaining proper etiquette:

“Social Media gives us, the UnFranchise Owner, the ability to compete alongside large companies, creating an even playing field. From a business perspective, it’s important to understand the different strengths and uses of each platform in order to create a message that targets your audience accordingly. To be effective, we follow these simple rules: use proper etiquette, post at the appropriate times, post with a purpose, and utilize photos and hashtags as much as possible.” –  Michele and Tony Molinaro , Market America UnFranchise Owners

Now it’s your turn: we want to know how social media has changed YOUR life and helped you expand YOUR business! Share your stories with us in the comment section below 🙂 

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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