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We are the World: Building the UnFranchise Business in the UK

Have a look at this great photo of a group of new UnFranchise Owners in the UK, who were attending a recent new distributor training in Birmingham, England. Andy Wall did a tremendous job assembling this team of entrepreneurs who are excited, eager to learn, and ready to grow!

Andy Wall is an experienced networker with high level success with City Solutions (Prime America), Quorum, and took a 5 year sabbatical from the Financial services and Networking industry, although was approached with scores of deals and opportunities.

He always had an open mind but saw the same reoccurring problems with most programs which sound similar to my situation before MA.

When he evaluated MA he found something different and refreshing and that he was willing to try. Andy is a busy man. He is a Pastor of a large church and network of churches and Pastors. He is an entrepreneurial pastor owning other businesses too. Needless to say he is respected, credible, a polished communicator and presenter, and organizer.

He came to me through Carol Carr Miller and Michael and Margaret King, and has been opening doors ever sense. He’s been reaching out to major experienced networkers as well as influencers, movers and shakers, and has been to back to back meetings for the last month or so. He will also be at World Conference in Miami to experience the excitement of this incredible event.

I love the people of Birmingham, as they possess an interesting mindset – little more laid back yet very observant and hardworking. I guess you could call them real salt of the earth type of people. It makes me smile to see some of those I met there the first time at this meeting pictured above. Then Dennis was there last month and that must have been a real treat!

At any rate, Andy has meetings going everywhere and Phil Guido is teaming up with him to help establish and expand the NMTSS – and he is working with our other rising stars like Tan and Gav Westcarr and their team (Jeyda , Sev, Raquel et al) and Paul Nichols (Ian, Balbir, et al) and Andrew W’s team – and it is coming together as one Team one Dream!

The stage is set for an explosive year in the United Kingdom with tremendous momentum and growth thanks to incredible people like: Barbara Montgomery, Tan and Gav, Jeyda and Sev, Balir/Ian/+Doug Mizzi, Don Martin, Martin B, all from different lines but united in their combined effort! After all that’s what this business is all about. A unified effort that leads to mutual success! And that list is just a few of the names I should mention, as I am missing 10 to 20 others like Penny Lafferty, people in Joanne Hsi and Nina Hale and Lolly’s group or Keith and Kim Doyle’s group.

John Pincott, Managing Director in the UK, says he and his team at corporate are ready for the explosion of growth coming in 2013. We are committed and passionate about making it happen with the Brits and love working with them to make it happen the British way!

I can’t wait to get back there in the trenches, streets, homes, hotels, and coffee shops with them! Congratulations to Andy Wall and everyone working hard in the UK to help make 2013 a year to remember! A special Thank You to Phil Guido as well!

Come to World Conference in Miami and learn how you can complete a BDC at home or a weak leg by building in UK and joining the party and actually earn a check in Europe and a Check in the US! That’s the way you build the global economy of the future!

I believe in you! JR Ridinger

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JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO

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